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customer visiting for their new project on Paper Tube Packaging :Second-generation L’Oréal paper-based tubes to be recyclable

At the beginning of June, international beauty major L’Oréal announced the commercial launch of its paper-based cosmetic tubes under the La Roche-Posay Anthelios sunscreen brand in France. The tubes - made from a blend of bio-based, FSC certified paper-like material and plastic and co-developed with global packaging firm Zhibang Packaging would soon be rolled out across other European markets and eventually globally. The paper-based tubes contained 45% less plastic and were 25% lighter with an improved carbon footprint but were not yet recyclable because of the mixed plastic-pulp content needed for barrier control. CosmeticsDesign-Europe caught up with two senior executives at Zhibang Packaging to find out just exactly what was in store for the next-stage of development and reflect on the initial launch.



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