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Zhibang Packaging Started The Paper Tube Box Lines Today

Zhibang Packaging Started The Paper Tube Box Lines Today

With the development of society, the use of paper tubes has become more and more extensive, and the market demand has also been heating up. At present, it has been widely used in food, cosmetics, electronic products, children's toys, gifts and other industries. The reason why paper tubes can occupy a certain market share is inseparable from the rigorous production process of paper tubes.

As a professional manufacturer for the paper packaging, Zhibang Packaging and Printing can supply all kinds of paper packaging products with the free custom printing services except for the paper tube.

To meet the various demands from our customers, Zhibang Packaging and Printing has decided to start the Paper Tube Packaging production lines.

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Paper tubes use paper as the main raw material, which is not only safe and environmentally friendly, but also beautifully printed, which can achieve a good display effect and attract consumers' attention. The structure of the paper tube is diversified, and the main structures include inner/outer curling, inner and outer jacket ferrule assembly, hole threading, and window chamfering. According to the different structure of the paper tube, there are some differences in the production process.

According to the different structure of paper tubes, paper tubes can be divided into upper cover, lower body, outer jacket, inner core, outer tube, middle tube, inner tube, etc. However, no matter what the structure of the paper tube, its production process is indispensable. Coiling, wet cutting, drying, heat sealing, labeling, quality inspection, assembly, packing and other links.

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At present, the more popular domestic paper tube production process is the crimping process, while the more popular foreign paper tube production process is the flat bottom and flat lid process. Compared with the two processes, the flat-bottom and flat-lid process looks higher and the paper tubes are exquisite and beautiful. Because the production process is mainly completed by humans, the cost is relatively high. It is often used for packaging cosmetics, electronic products, high-end gifts and other packaging. The curling process is mainly done by machines, and the corresponding cost will be lower. It is currently mainly used in the food packaging industry.

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Zhibang Packaging and Printing has focused on paper tube customization for many years, and has mastered advanced paper tube production technology to meet the needs of different customers. At present, Zhibang Packaging and Printing is mainly engaged in paper tubes, food paper tubes, gift packaging paper tubes and other products, providing one-stop packaging solutions from product structure, appearance design, sample production, to mass production, to production line filling.

No matter what kind of paper tube production process, it has its own advantages and characteristics. You can choose the required production process according to industry needs, product characteristics, cost budget, etc., adapt to market demand, and create greater value for the enterprise.



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