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Zhibang Packaging Imported The Full Auto Paper Tube Machines from Japan

Zhibang Packaging Imported The Full Auto Paper Tube Machines from Japan

As a leading manufacturer for the paper tube box packaging, we can supply the various paper cylinder boxes for various customers with the free custom services. We have imported the advanced producing equipment and QC facility from Japan.

Here is our hareware table as below:

Machine NameQuantity
Automatic cylinder gluing forming machine20 sets
Automatic tube box forming and curling machine35 sets
Printing cylinder welding and curling machine15 sets
Tube box auto forming machines, punching function22 sets
Automated clear cylinder and printing tube box making machine16 sets
Semi-auto ultrasonic cylinder tube welding machine11 sets
Auto cylinder curling units of production line24 sets
Automatic cylinder gluing forming machine22 sets
Cylinder edge curling machine13 sets
Cylinder bottom ultrasonic welding machine13 sets
Automatic cylinder box lid making machine12 sets
Semi-auto tube ends curling machine18 sets
Rotary table auto gluing machine for cylinder bottom and lid, 8 stations28 sets
2 heads automatic glue machine for cylinder bottom / cover20 sets
Automatic cylinder lid forming machine11 sets
Large-sized full-automatic rolling and cutting machine11 sets
Radio frequency cylinder bottom sealing machine10 sets
Manual cylinder end curling machine10 sets

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