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Attended China Packaging and Container Exhibition 2019

Zhibang Packaging and Printing Paper Tube Packaging Manufacturer Makes Perfect Appearance at China Packaging and Container Exhibition 2019

The 2019 PACKCON China Packaging and Container Exhibition kicked off at the Shanghai International Expo Center on April 8. The exhibition lasted for 3 days and nearly 300 companies participated in the exhibition. Among them, Zhibang Packaging and Printing paper can packaging was also fortunate to be one of the exhibitors of this exhibition.


The 2019 China Packaging and Container Exhibition received a total of 10,749 visitors from home and abroad in three days, and the number of exhibitors reached a new high. This exhibition was highly recognized and endorsed by the participants for its characteristics such as strong professionalism, variety of categories, and high-value appearance.

Zhibang Packaging and Printing Packaging Products Co., Ltd., as one of the exhibitors this time, attracted many visitors with its novel and unique packaging form. At the 2019 China Packaging and Container Exhibition, Zhibang Packaging and Printing mainly showed you food paper cans, cosmetics paper cans, electronic product paper cans, etc., especially food paper cans, which can achieve good airtightness. Received the attention of the food industry.


Zhibang Packaging and Printing paper can manufacturers have focused on the customization of food paper cans for many years. They have a unique paper can production process and a strong new product research and development team. They have outstanding innovation capabilities to meet the customization needs of different customers. Zhibang Packaging and Printing has mastered the process of flat-bottomed and flat-lid paper cans, and is widely used in cosmetics, electronic products, gifts and other industries to make the products show the beauty of height and enhance the product image and value.

Zhibang Packaging and Printing is mainly engaged in food paper cans and cosmetic paper cans. Currently, it has passed the FSSC22000 food safety system certification and strictly manages the production workshop in accordance with GMP standards to ensure the quality and safety of food packaging. At present, Zhibang Packaging and Printing has established cooperative relations with well-known companies such as Nestlé, Estee Lauder, Clarins, Lancome and so on.




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