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Packaging Process of Paper Cylinder Boxes

Packaging process of cylinder box

With the development of economic resources, people's lives are gradually improving. Exquisite boutique boxes and gift boxes have gradually entered people's lives. Cylinder box packaging paper drums and paper cans related technology and introduction, what are the sealing methods of round can packaging and paper drums and paper cans?

1. The sealing method with flat top and flat mouth. This type of drum method is equivalent to a round hardcover box. The conventional method uses a little bit of manual paste, and the cost is higher than the above 3 types.

2. The crimping sealing method is to directly roll the top or bottom edge of the paper barrel through the mold, and then put the cover or bottom plate. The size of the crimp is different with different molds.

3. The tinplate cover is sealed, the bottom is sealed with an iron cover, and the cover part is a buckle cover. The commonly used tinplate covers are black, gold, and silver. Other colors can be customized in large quantities.

4. Easy-open lid type sealing, the bottom is a bottom cover or aluminum lid, and the top is an easy-open lid, such as the lid type of the easy-open can and the round drum type for rice.

What are the types of linings for round can packaging and paper drums and paper cans?

The inner lining layer is composed of 50g/m2 kraft paper, PE-composite layer, 7μm aluminum foil, and ion-bonding resin coating layer. In this way, the inner lining layer of the composite paper can has good grease resistance; airtightness can block air (oxygen), light, humidity and odor, and the can body can be made of kraft paper or recycled paper.

Introduction to the packaging of round cans and the body of paper drums and paper cans

The body of the composite paper can is made of spiral winding, and the inner lining is folded and overlapped. The overlapped part is sealed with an'Anaconda Seam' (anaconda bite) seal to ensure the tightness of the can body.



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