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What is Kraft Paper Tubes?

What is Kraft Paper Tubes?


Kraft paper tubes are made from kraft paper. They are thinner but show higher strength. Kraft paper tubes are commonly used for shipping, mailing, and packaging products. They are also used for long-term storage of important documents that cannot be folded. Kraft paper tubes have better moisture resistance. They offer greater protection to the packaged products from external weather elements like moisture, wind, and ultraviolet radiation.

Common Uses of Kraft Paper Tubes

Some of the most common uses of kraft paper tubes are discussed below:


Food Industry

Paper tubes have found wide acceptance and use in the food industry. They are used for packaging food products globally. Some forms of packaging like plastic or metal can react with food products and contaminate them. These paper tubes use paper liners inside that are chemically inert. They do not react with the food product in contact. This prevents contamination and spoilage of food products. The food remains fresh and safe for human consumption for longer. Some manufacturers of premium food products have also started using Paper Tube Packaging.

Packaging Apparel

Kraft paper tubes are also being used for the packaging of apparel. It gives a unique and convenient look and feel to the packaging. Apparel can be neatly rolled and packed in a paper tube. This makes it easier to stack them on supermarket shelves. More paper tubes can be stacked in less space in supermarkets. Some manufacturers also provide a transparent cut out on the paper tube for allowing the customers to take a sneak peek. This helps them in seeing the packaged product inside without having to open the packaging. It also helps them in making informed buying decisions and gets better value for money.



The cosmetics industry is known for using plastic in large quantities for the packaging of products. This increases the problem of plastic packaging waste ending up in landfills and oceans. However, the cosmetics industry is now slowly making the transition towards using paper tube packaging. P&G has started using paper tube packaging for some of its deodorants. This helps to save plastic and promote a greener and more sustainable packaging material. It also establishes a positive image of the brand and product among customers. 

Storage and Shipping

Kraft paper tubes are ideal for storing important documents. Some documents cannot be folded and kept in a cardboard box. Such documents can be rolled and safely stored in kraft paper tubes. They are durable and thus ideal for mailing and shipping products over long distances.




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