Common materials for round paper tube packaging?

Common materials for round Paper Tube Packaging?

Under the increasingly fierce domestic market competition, packaging forms in various industries are constantly innovating to adapt to the ever-changing market demand. In recent years, the cylindrical packaging form has attracted the attention of the market, and the scope of application is also expanding. What material are the round paper tube packaging on the market? Let's find out together.

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The paper tube box packaging has a cylindrical three-dimensional structure, which is obviously different from the traditional packaging form. At present, the common round paper tube packaging on the market is classified according to materials, including paper tube packaging, cylindrical iron box packaging, and cylindrical plastic can packaging. With the global emphasis on environmental protection, the voice of "replacing plastic with paper" is getting higher and higher, and cylindrical carton packaging has attracted much attention.

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The paper tube packaging uses paper as the main raw material, which is more in line with the concept of green development. Different from traditional paper packaging, the Paper Cylinder Packaging Box can realize packaging with different functional attributes according to different production processes, and meet the customized needs of paper packaging in different industries. Among them, the most representative one is that the paper cylinder packaging box can achieve excellent airtightness.

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The excellent tightness of the paper cylinder packaging box has been favored by many industries, especially the food industry that has strict requirements on the tightness of the packaging, which meets the sealing needs of most foods for paper packaging. Nowadays, paper cylinder packaging boxes have been used in many fields such as food, daily chemical products, gifts, and electronic products.



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