How to use different types of paper tube packaging?

How to use different types of Paper Tube Packaging?

With the development of the paper tube packaging industry, there are more and more types of paper tube packaging, and the structural form also shows a diversified development trend, which meets the increasingly differentiated market needs. Do you know how to use different types of paper tube packaging? What should I pay attention to during use? Let's find out!


According to the different process structure, there are many types of paper tube packaging. At present, the relatively high utilization rate of paper tube packaging on the market includes full paper tube and composite paper tube, and different types of paper tube packaging use methods and application scopes are also different.


The all-paper paper tube is a packaging container made entirely of paper. The process structure is more common for the upper and lower curling, and the inner and outer ferrules. At present, all-paper paper tubes are widely used in the fields of food gifts, daily chemical products, and electronic products. It is worth noting that all-paper paper tubes are used for food packaging, and most of them are packaged in a separate inner bag, and then the paper tube is used for packaging.


Compared with the full paper paper tube, the composite paper tube is made of composite materials such as paper and aluminum foil. At present, composite paper tubes are widely used in snack food, pet food and other fields, and can be used to directly hold food.

Due to the excellent sealing performance of the composite paper tube, it has been widely favored by the food packaging field and has been widely recognized by consumers. It has met the sealing needs of more and more industries for paper packaging and promoted the development of the paper packaging industry.




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