The characteristics and functions of round paper tube packaging?

The characteristics and functions of round Paper Tube Packaging?

As a kind of green environment-friendly packaging, paper packaging is now favored by the market. With the global upsurge of replacing plastic with paper, round paper tube packaging has attracted attention from various industries in the packaging field. Now it has been widely used in food, gifts, cosmetics, electronic products and other industries. 

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The round paper tube is a paper packaging container with a cylindrical three-dimensional appearance. The round paper tube packaging uses paper as the main raw material, which is in line with the development concept of green packaging. The round paper tube changed the traditional paper packaging form, formed a differentiated marketing, and had a better advantage in the fierce market competition.

The round paper tube packaging has a wide range of applications and can meet the packaging needs of most industries, especially the food industry that requires strict packaging tightness. The composite paper can is made of paper and aluminum foil. It has high barrier properties and excellent sealing performance. It can play a waterproof and moisture-proof effect and meet the sealing requirements of most foods.

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In addition, the round paper tube packaging structure is complex, which can realize some personalized and differentiated packaging structures, attract consumers' attention, achieve visual marketing effects, and enhance greater marketing value.



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