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Zhibang Packaging Debuts New Composite Paper Tube

Zhibang Packaging debuts new composite paper tube

Zhibang Packaging has revealed the Eco-Tube – a new composite paper tube that the company says is recyclable through readily available consumer recycling schemes.


It is Zhibang Packaging’s view that composite paper tubes have long been the packaging of choice in traditional markets for premium brands in industries such as alcoholic spirits, beauty, cosmetics, high-end retail, and construction.


Made using only FSC-sourced papers and recycled board, the company markets its tubes as a cost-effective environmentally friendly solution and a great alternative to plastics.


According to Zhibang Packaging, the robustness of the Paper Tube Packaging also offers added perceived value to products in-store. Combined with print options and a range of luxury print finishes, the company hopes that its solution will cause on-shelf disruption, encouraging first and repeat purchases.


“We love our tubes at Zhibang Packaging Composites; the eye-catching designs, shelf presence, the premium and quality feel, and robust protection – what’s not to love?” asks Aaron Lee, marketing director at Zhibang Packaging Composites


“But with all these fantastic attributes we recognized the need to make our tubes more easily recyclable for the consumer. We saw the world-changing, consumers starting to change buying behaviors to favor sustainable packaging, so we set ourselves a stretching target under our Better Planet Packaging initiative to make a 100% recyclable tube without compromising all the original great features. And after much hard work, the Zhibang Packaging Eco-Tube was created.”



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