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How To Custom A Paper Tube Box for Your Products

How to custom a paper tube box for your products

The packaging supplier always ask the customers provide the materials requests, dimension requests, and printing requests when it comes to talking about how to customize a paper tube box for their own products packaging.

Generally speaking, the packaging supplier will ask some detailed requests to confirm the paper tube box manufacturing from customers as below:

1.  Materials requests.

As you know, the paper cylinder box manufacturer sperate the paper materials into two kinds of paper including the base paper and mounted paper.

1.1 Base Paper

The base paper will be made from the grey rigid paper which will be base of the paper tube box, and decide the strength of the paper tube box, as same as, how heavy the paper tube box can hold.

There are many kinds of grey rigid paper to produce the paper tube box, the customer should choose one of them according to their product weight. The heavier the product is, the thicker rigid paper you should choose. Here is the data sheet for the grey rigid paper.

Gram/ Square MeterThickness
300 GSM0.5 mm
600 GSM1.0 mm
1200 GSM1.5 mm
1500 GSM2.0 mm
1800 GSM2.5 mm


1.2  Mounted Paper

After the customer confirmed the base paper, which can meet the strength to hold their products, it is time to choose the mounted paper for the paper tube box which will decide the packaging effect and the design effect of the tubes. The mounted paper is related to the printing and surface finishing. The most common one is the art paper in white and black. This kind of art paper can be printed by various printing methods and can achieve all surface finishing effect. The second one is the kraft paper, which is biological and eco-friendly. It is widely applied to the food packaging including the beverage packaging, tea packaging, etc. The third one is silver and gold cardboard, which is fit for cosmetic packaging. This kind of mounted paper make the cosmetic packaging and beauty packaging more luxury and attractive. All in all, we also provide various fancy paper for customers to meet their requests on gift packaging, we can offer the glitter paper, holographic paper, leatherette paper. Those fancy paper make the paper tube special and popular even without any printing and surface finishing. You can check the mounted paper data sheet as below:


2. Dimension requests.

After confirmed the material requests by their design and printing requests, the customer should provide the dimension requests. As usually, the paper tube manufacturer should know the diameter and height from customers to build the die-cutting template and estimate the price. To make sure the dimension requests is 100% right, the paper tube manufacturer has the specific dimension requests including: the inner diameter, the outer diameter, the cap height and the body height. You can check the following the picture to learn more about the dimension.


3. Printing requests

Printing request is the main influence on Paper Tube Packaging effects, the customer should share their design file to the manufacturer to estimate the printing methods and cost. Generally, the manufacturer successfully reaches the printing requests through offset printing, UV printing, hot foil stamping, etc.

If the customer hasn’t the design file and have no idea about the printing methods, they can send their pattern picture, logo pictures, text to the manufacturer, and the manufacturer will work out a printing mock-up for free and recommend the best printing methods to the customers.

4. Surface finishing

The surface finishing is another main influence on packaging effect, it makes the paper tube box more beautiful and attractive. The customer can send the specific requirements to the manufacturer, or the manufacturer can recommend the proper surface finishing methods to the customers as well. We have a data sheet for the customer to review the common surface finishing as below:


5.  Other common paper tubes structure options

As a professional manufacturer for the paper tube box, we can customize the paper tube box for customer highly, and we provide various option for customers to choose as below:

5.1 Tube cap options

We can offer the flat edge cap, rolled edge cap, tube cap with window, metal cap, easy peel cap, easy pull cap, plastic buckle cap, tinplate cap. Our options can meet all packaging demands in various industries.


5.2. Inner wall options

Some customers have their own special requests on inner wall when they take paper tube as their packaging for products. And we can offer the environmental cardboard, food grade kraft paper, food aluminum foil, food grade PE coating. You can check our pictures for your own requests.


5.3 Tube bottom options

The bottom of the paper tube is important for products as well, to meet all kind of requirements on packaging, we also supply the various options for the tube bottom including: tinplate plug bottom, tinplate bottom, all-paper crimped heat-sealed bottom, all-paper curled, all-paper flat bottom. 

Those different bottom options basically meet the packaging requests from customers, and you can check the picture from us to check the different types.


6. Other requests

The customer is the creator of their own paper tube boxes, and the manufacturer is the supplier which work out the customer’s idea. Beside those specific requests as above, we can offer other requests for our customer to make the paper tube box perfect.

6.1 Holder option, we can offer the plastic holder, foam holder, cardboard holder, etc.

6.2 Handle option, we can offer the silk ribbon, rope handle and plastic handle.

Those other requests is the additional options for customers to choose their own style.

Once all requests confirmed, the manufacturer can estimate the pricing information, shipping cost and time for producing.

If you have no idea on those requests, just send us a picture which is similar to your requests, then we can offer a one-stop solution for you. Or you can visit our website at or for help.



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