Briefly Description on The Difference Between Paper Tube Packaging and Paper Packaging Boxes

Under the influence of the "plastic restriction order" policy, replacing plastic with paper has become a new trend in the development of the packaging industry, and paper packaging is favored by the market. At present, the common paper packaging forms on the market are mainly Paper Tube Packaging and paper box packaging. What are the differences between them? Let's take a look at the following.


Although paper tube packaging and box packaging are paper packaging, there are big differences in their packaging structure and functional attributes. The paper tube packaging has a cylindrical three-dimensional structure, which has a good display effect. The paper boxes are mostly square or rectangular, which is slightly inferior in terms of packaging and display effects.


In addition to the difference in packaging structure, the difference between paper tube packaging and box packaging is more obvious in terms of functional attributes. The paper box has a general performance in terms of airtightness, and is often packed with inner bags when containing products, especially in the food industry.


Compared with box packaging, paper tube packaging achieves excellent airtightness, which can meet the sealing requirements of most products, especially in the food industry. The composite paper tube can be directly used to hold the product, eliminating the process and cost of inner bag packaging.


There is also the difference in the production process of paper tube packaging and paper boxes, which also creates differences in the structure and function of them. Compared with paper boxes, paper tube packaging can achieve some personalized and differentiated structures, which will help products achieve differentiated marketing in the market.

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Whether it is cylindrical paper tube or box packaging, it has its own characteristics, and everyone can choose according to actual needs!



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