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Most popular and common types of cylindrical paper tube packaging

Most popular and common types of cylindrical Paper Tube Packaging 

Presumably, all customers are no stranger to cylindrical paper tube packaging. In recent years, with the development of the domestic packaging industry, packaging forms have also shown a diversified development trend. The cylindrical paper tube packaging has attracted the customers’ eyes by differentiated packaging forms. The following introduces several common cylindrical paper tube packaging.

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As we all know, the cylindrical paper tube is a paper packaging container with relatively complicated process and structure. Paper tubes can be divided into various types of paper tubes according to different crafts, structures and materials. Divided by structure and function, paper tubes can be divided into full paper tubes and composite paper tubes, which are also two common types on the market.

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All-paper paper tubes, as the name suggests, are a kind of packaging made entirely of paper. According to the characteristics of its material, the process structure of all paper tubes is mostly up and down curling, inner and outer core structure, and the packaging form is beautiful and generous. At present, it is mainly used in some industries such as gifts, daily necessities, clothing and jewelry.

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Compared with all-paper tubes, composite paper tubes are made of composite materials such as paper and aluminum foil. The upper cover usually adopts metal easy-pull lid or aluminum foil easy-to-tear lid. This combination method uses paper tubes with excellent sealing properties. Can play a waterproof and moisture-proof effect. Nowadays, composite paper tubes are usually used in some industries that require tightness of packaging, such as food packaging.

No matter what kind of cylindrical paper tube packaging, there is no good or bad, only suitable or not, it is said that the one that suits you is better. When choosing paper tube packaging, you must do a good job in product positioning, so as to choose a more suitable packaging method.



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