What is the rolled edge cylinder box packaging?

As a paper cylinder packaging, the cylinder is now favored by the market. In recent years, the cylindrical box packaging industry has developed rapidly, and there are more and more types of cylindrical boxes, so that many small partners often do not know the type of cylindrical box packaging. The following editor will introduce to you what is the rolled edge cylinder box packaging.


The reason why it is called a rolled edge cylindrical box is actually divided according to its manufacturing process. Both the upper cover and the lower bottom of the rolled edge cylinder box adopt the traditional rolled edge process, mainly using paper as the raw material, in line with the global green packaging development concept. The rolled edge cylindrical box packaging is easy to take and use, has excellent physical properties, and has a significant display effect. It is better than iron cans in all aspects.


Since the curling cylinder box is mainly made of paper, the sealing effect is relatively poor, so it is suitable for the use of products that do not require tightness or have independent packaging. Nowadays, rolled edge cylinder box packaging is widely used in tea, lipstick, underwear, gift packaging and other fields.


With the upsurge of replacing plastic with paper in global packaging, paper packaging has been widely used. As a typical representative of paper packaging, the cylinder box will undoubtedly attract the attention of the market and usher in a better development prospect.



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