What is the structure of paper tube packaging?

What is the structure of Paper Tube Packaging?

The paper tube packaging is widely used in the market, but many customers still don’t know much about the paper tube packaging. As for what’s the structure of paper tube packaging and what product packaging can it be applied to? We will help you find out the answers.

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The paper tube packaging is a packaging form that uses paper as the main raw material and has a cylindrical three-dimensional structure. With the development trend of global green packaging, paper tube packaging has received more and more industry attention. Nowadays, round paper tube packaging has been widely used in many industries.

Generally speaking, although the paper tube packaging is cylindrical, its structure is different in many details depending on the manufacturing process. This includes differences in material selection, process structures, and functional properties.

At present, there are mainly two kinds of paper tube packaging that are widely used in the market: full paper tube and composite paper tube. As the name suggests, the all-paper paper tube is a packaging form that all uses paper as the raw material. All-paper paper tubes mostly adopt the structure of top and bottom curling, inner and outer core inserts, and they are widely used in gifts, daily necessities, clothing jewelry and other fields.

The composite paper tube is composed of composite materials such as paper and aluminum foil. Therefore, composite paper tubes are often used in food packaging and some industries that have tightness requirements for packaging.

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No matter which kind of round paper tube packaging, it has its own characteristics and functions. Under the premise of understanding the structural properties of paper tube packaging, customers can choose what they want according to their actual needs.



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