Which cosmetics can be packaged in cylindrical cardboard box?

Which kind of cosmetics can be packed into the cardboard tube packaging?

As a new form of presentation in paper packaging, cylindrical cardboard boxes have attracted the attention of many people. Today, cardboard tube packaging is widely used in food, gifts, cosmetics, electronic products and many other industries, and has achieved a good reputation. We will focus on introducing the application examples of cardboard tube packaging in the field of cosmetics.

As we all know, the consumer groups in the cosmetics industry are mainly female friends, so most cosmetic packaging focuses more on the preferences of female consumers, and the exquisite and individual packaging attracts their attention. At present, the use of cardboard tube packaging for packaging such as lipsticks, eyebrow pencils, eye shadows, perfumes, foundations, daily skin care products, etc. is more and more common, especially in foreign countries.

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Cardboard tube packaging breaks the traditional square and rectangular carton packaging forms. cardboard tube packaging not only presents a clearer and three-dimensional appearance, but also looks bigger and bigger, giving people a strong visual impact, and realizing the differentiation and individuality of cosmetic packaging. To achieve better marketing, stand out from more products.

Nowadays, product marketing is not only the product itself, product packaging will also be an important part of product marketing. A high-quality product is matched with better packaging, and the market competitiveness can be imagined.



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