The methods and acceptance criteria for judging whether the paper tube packaging is qualified!

The methods and acceptance criteria for judging whether the Paper Tube Packaging is qualified!

Paper tube boxes can be used for packaging food, tea, gifts and many other aspects. They must undergo strict quality inspections before they leave the factory. The method to judge whether they are qualified needs to be based on the material and appearance of the paper tube boxes, the printing color, whether there is peculiar smell, Check and accept whether there are foreign objects in the tank, whether it is deformed or damaged, whether there are foreign objects such as dust or oil, glue precipitation, cut appearance, crimping depth and process, and inner tube height. Anything that does not meet the standard is considered a non-conforming product.


Acceptance criteria for paper tube boxes:

1. The material, appearance and size of the paper tube packaging should be consistent with the standard sample. There should be no peculiar smell in close-range olfactory inspection. There should be no defects such as scratches, abrasions and spots on the visual appearance. The printed matter on the surface should be clear, no poor coloration, and no foreign matter in the paper tube packaging. There shall be no visible glue precipitation around;

2. The appearance of the incision is smooth and there is no damage such as piercing or sanding. The die-cutting deviation of the incision should not be more than 1mm, and it is not allowed to cut oblique or double-stranded wire;

3. The upper and lower depths of the paper tube packaging's curling edges should be within the specified deviation range. Visually inspect the curling edges to be full, without film drop and capping problems.

4. The bite position and direction of the facial paper labeling must be consistent, the scraping mouth can not be scraped, there is no phenomenon of opening and blistering, and the edge of the bag needs to be exposed by 3-5mm;

5. For the requirements of packing, the number of packing must be accurate, and the packing method must be consistent. When sealing the box, the adhesive tape must be smoothed by hand and sealed according to the specified requirements.

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In addition, for food paper tube boxes, heavy metals, coliforms, salmonella, potassium permanganate consumption and other indicators must be tested to ensure compliance with the ISO9001:2008 quality management system, export inspection and quarantine standards, and obtain food packaging QS qualification certification.

The packaging structure of paper tube boxes is relatively complex and has good development and application prospects. Many industries also use the diversified characteristics of paper tube boxes to break through the traditional packaging forms and differentiate and personalize product packaging, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of products and realizing products. Maximize value. Paper tube packaging has good airtightness, can play a waterproof and moisture-proof effect, and is suitable for various types of product packaging, especially in the food industry that requires extremely high packaging tightness. The airtightness of paper tube packaging is no less than that of plastic and metal packaging, and paper tube boxes can realize naked food packaging, and at the same time meet the product's safety and sealing requirements for paper tube boxes.

The above is an introduction to the methods and acceptance criteria for judging whether the paper tube boxes are qualified. These methods are important standards for us to measure whether the paper tube boxes are qualified. The packaging of paper tube boxes is just like the clothes of the product. Substandard quality will inevitably affect consumers' products. The desire to buy is not sloppy during acceptance! If you want to know more about the identification method of paper tube boxes, please contact us for details!



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